Center for Education and Research in Safety (CERS)
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  Employing the powerful methods of Applied Behavior Analysis, Dr. Van Houten, and Dr. Malenfant have addressed a wide range of safety related problems that involve changing peoples’ behavior.
Image 1 "Youth Bicycle Safety Teams Program" Research Project
This program employs a multifaceted approach to increase bicycle helmet use and safe bicycling. Click here or image for more info.

Image 2 Pedestrian Enforcement Program
In many communities motorists fail to yield to pedestrians in crosswalk. Problems include failure to yield at marked and unmarked locations without traffic control devices, and failure of drivers of turning vehicles to yield to pedestrians in marked crosswalks at locations with traffic signals. Click here or image for more info. 
Image 3 Impaired Driving
In the area of impaired driving, the directors have developed and implemented educational programs for persons convicted of first and second impaired driving offences in the Province of New Brunswick. Completion of these user-pay programs is required for reinstatement of driving privileges. The Auto Control and Auto Control Plus program teach behavioral skills needed to help participants take control of their lives and separate drinking and driving. These multifaceted programs have components designed to allow participants to determine the effects of alcohol use on various aspects of their lives. Other components help increase participants motivation to make life style changes. These programs also teach participants self management, stress management and problem solving skills necessary to achieve their goals. The directors have also developed community based countermeasures to reduce the incidence of impaired driving. Click here or image for more info.

Image 4 Courtesy Promotes Safety
In the area of pedestrian safety the directors have developed a multifaceted crosswalk safety program designed to change safety related behaviors of drivers and pedestrians. Click here or image for more info.

Image 5 Speed Reduction
The directors developed a Safe Speed program designed to reduce speeding on targeted roads. This program has been employed in a number of cities and has consistently produced over 50% reduction in serious speeding on a citywide basis. This multifaced program involves providing community feedback, a specially designed enforcement program that focuses on warnings and public education, and an incentive program. This program was implemented on a citywide basis in Haifa, Israel by the Israel Safety Administration. The program reduced serious speeding by 64 percent, crashes by 63 percent and injuries by 67 percent.

Image 6 Seat Belt Use
The directors have conducted research on a variety of methods to increase safety belt use. Dr. Van Houten and Dr. Malenfant have conducted research programs demonstrating the efficacy of posted feedback in increasing seat belt use. They have helped increase seat belt use by high risk drivers through a night time enforcement program that used signs, feedback, and enforcement components. They also participated in the Click it or Ticket program in North Carolina and designed some of the components of this successful safety campaign that increased seatbelt use in two cities by 7 and 14 percent.

Image 7 Safe-T Rider
Professionals at the Center for Education and Research in Safety (CERS) have evaluated the effectiveness of the Safe-T Rider program and confirm that administration of this program does positively change behavior while riding the equipment. Click here or image for more info.