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The "Bicycle Safety Youth Team Program" Research Project employs a multifaceted approach to increase bicycle helmet use and safe bicycling. The first generation of this research project was field tested in three middle schools in Florida. The project produced large increases in helmet use, and correct helmet use in all three schools and the effects were maintained when students were discreetly monitored some distance from the school. The research project was designed to require minimal adult supervision and had many components that promoted a sense of ownership by students riding their bicycles to school. The next generation of the project, currently being evaluated by NHTSA, is designed to build on the strengths of the original research project.

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What's in the Package (docx-15K) Program Components (doc-62KB)
Frequently Asked Questions (docx-14K) Program Implementation (doc-1.43MB)
Group Recognition (docx-18K) Program Presentation (ppt-7.2MB)
Helmet Bookmark (pdf-60K) Recording Helmet Use (docx-39K)
Message for the Parents (docx-18K) Team Coordinator (docx-18K)
Bicycle Scoring Datasheet (xls-67KB) Safety Riding Basics (doc-34K)
Additional Downloads
Increased Helmet Use (doc-57KB) Helmet Safety Expert Feedback (doc-105KB)
List of Participating Schools (htm) Revised Data Collection (doc-50KB)
NHTSA Helment Kickoff (ppt-190KB) Site Selection Criteria (doc-30KB)